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1. Green Coffee Bean Powder

Green Coffee Bean Powder

The regular coffee we get in the market is prepared by roasting green coffee beans. However, the roasting process reduces the number of beneficial natural chemicals in the coffee, which is why green coffee bean has gained popularity. The green coffee bean Powder, which is touted for its anti-oxidant, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties.

Light to dark yellowish-brown hygroscopic powder, this Powder is rich in several polyphenols called hydroxycinnamic acids, of which the two prominent acids are chlorogenic and caffeic acids. Let's take a look at the how these compounds benefit our bodies.

Anti-aging Benefits 

The chlorogenic acids present in the Powder have antioxidant properties, and destroy the free radicals formed in the body as a result of metabolism. These free radicals if left as they are, destroy cell membranes and conduce to wrinkling of the skin and other symptoms of aging. By destroying these harmful free radicals, green coffee bean Powder actually slows down the onset of aging. Test results also show that this Powder has double the rate of oxygen radical-absorbing capacity, as compared to grape seed or green tea Powder. 

Reduces Blood Pressure

Research reveals that the chlorogenic acids also help alleviate high blood pressure levels. Based on this finding, further research was conducted on humans. The one month experiment done on people with mild hypertension showed considerable results. When taken at a dose of 15gram, the Powder was most effective in treating hypertension. 

Promotes Weight Loss

Scientist Hiroshi Shimoda and his team from Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Company (Japan), conducted research on this Powder, and found that it promotes weight loss. This weight loss is brought about by two chemical compounds; caffeic and chlorogenic acid that naturally occur in green coffee beans. These chemicals are lost during the roasting process, thus aren't present in our regular coffee beans.

Caffeic acids from the coffee release fatty acids from stored body fat, while the chlorogenic acid assists the liver in processing the fatty acids more efficiently, thereby resulting in weight loss.

Boosts Metabolism 

The Powder boosts metabolism by altering the way in which glucose is absorbed in the body. Caffeic acids act as stimulants and boost the energy levels. Then again, since this green bean has not been boiled, it lacks cafestol (a diterpene) which would otherwise increase the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. 


Green coffee bean Powder is made from the un-roasted green beans , whose nutrients have not been destroyed and the nutritional value is higher than roasted  coffee. Green coffee bean has strong antioxidant and fat accumulation suppressing properties. The antioxidants in green coffee bean powder are known as chlorogenic acids. It acts as a  slimming and health promoting substance. Chlorogenic acid was shown to have an antagonistic effect on glucose transport and also has been found to significantly delay glucose uptake from the small intestine. Studies have found chlorogenic acid reduces the risk of type II diabetes, lowers blood pressure and combats inflammation. Green coffee bean powder is also great  for sports formulations because it can work to stimulate the production of cortisone and adrenalin in the body resulting in increased stamina. Some research suggests it may even help protect against illnesses such as heart disease by keeping arteries healthy. The Green coffee bean powder   allows its easy addition in drinks. 

Main Function

1.Green coffee bean Powder  Significant antihypertensive effect, and non-toxic  side effects and smooth;
2.Green coffee bean  Powder  Remarkable  prevention and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma effect, has the remarkable tumor therapy efficacy, and have low toxicity and safe characteristic;
3.Green coffee Powder Protect kidney and enhance the immune function;
4.Green coffee bean Powder Resist  oxidation, aging, and resist bone-aging;
5.Green coffee bean Powder Antibacterial, antiviral, diuresis, cholagogue, reducing blood fat, and prevent miscarriage;
6.Green coffee bean Powder Health  food: can make the health food sweet and delicious,clearing heat and detoxicating , moisten the skin and improve looks, relieve too much alcohol and tobacco, etc.

Green coffee bean Powder Application 

1.Green coffee bean Powder is Applied in food field, the coffee are most popular food among people
2.Green coffee bean Powder is Applied in pharmaceutical field, to be used as raw materials to reduce blood pressure;
3.Green coffee Powder  is Applied in cosmetic field, green bean oil can effectively regulate the skin, stimulate vigor and arouse the spirit

Recommended Usage: Add to elixirs, tonics, smoothies, homemade ice creams, puddings, fruit and/or vegetable juices, water, etc. Green Coffee Powder can be used as a coffee enema ingredient instead of roasted coffee brew, and can also be used externally on skin and hair too!
Storage Instructions: Keep tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


How we prepare these beans for you?

Selectively Picked - only the ripe cherries are harvested and they are picked individually by hand. Pickers rotate among the trees every 8 - 10 days, choosing only the cherries which are at the peak of ripeness. it is used primarily to harvest the finer Robusta  beans.


The pulp is removed from the coffee cherry after harvesting and the bean is dried with only the parchment skin left on. There are several actual steps involved. First, the freshly harvested cherries are passed through a pulping machine where the skin and pulp is separated from the bean.  The pulp is washed away with water, usually to be dried and used as much. The beans are separated by weight as they are conveyed through water channels, the lighter beans floating to the top, while the heavier, ripe beans sink to the bottom.


After separation, the beans are transported to large, water-filled fermentation tanks. Depending on a combination of factors -- such as the condition of the beans, the climate and the altitude -- they will remain in these tanks for anywhere from 12 to 48 hours. The purpose of this process is to remove the slick layer of mucilage that is still attached to the parchment; while resting in the tanks, naturally occurring enzymes will cause this layer to dissolve. When fermentation is complete the beans will feel rough, rather than slick, to the touch.  At that precise moment, the beans are rinsed by being sent through additional water channels.  They are then ready for drying.


If the beans have been processed by the wet method, the pulped and fermented beans must now be dried to approximately 11 percent moisture to properly prepare them for storage.  These beans, still encased inside the parchment envelope (the endocarp), can be sun dried by spreading them on drying tables or floors, where  they are turned regularly, or they can be machine dried in large tumblers.  Once  dried, these beans, referred to as 'parchment coffee,' are warehoused in sisal  or jute bags until they are readied for Hulling.


Machines are used to remove the parchment layer (endocarp) from wet processed coffee.  Hulling dry processed coffee refers to removing the entire dried husk -- the exocarp, mesocarp & endocarp -- of the dried cherries.


This is an optional process in which any silver skin that remains on the beans after hulling is removed in a polishing machine.

Grading & sorting

Before being Roasting, the coffee beans will be even more precisely sorted by size and weight. They will also be closely evaluated for color flaws or other imperfections.


This is the process in which crushing the green beans in to a grinder







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